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Complete Article about Pulasa Fish

Here in this article you will know How to Prepare Pulasa Fish Curry and Where pulasa Fish is available.

About Pulasa Fish

Pulasa fish is a special dish in Andhra. The price of the Pulasa Fish which is relished by people of Konaseema area and the Pulasa Fish will arrival shortly during floods. The Pulasa Fish sold at a price of 3000 to 5000 per KG. This is a special dish and its preparation, flavour becomes mouth watering. These Fishes are imported from West Bengal and Odisha and sell the Pulasa Fish in a higher price. In those areas for suppose 500 grams of Vilasa is available for 50Rupess they will sell it as for 1000 to 1500 RS.

There is word saying in Andhra, Pustelu ammi ayina Pulasa tinocchu. Roughly we say it as eating Pulasa by even selling Mangalasuthra. The scientific name of Pulasa Fish is Ilish and some of the people called it as Elish. It is the famous and popular fish to eat among the people belongs to Andhra, Bengal & Orissa. The Pulasa Fish is a national Fish of Bangladesh. The Pulasa Fish has its speciality whenever it enters in to the Godavari River it changes the color and taste.

The Pulasa Fish is only available in the months of Ashdham & Sravanam. So in these months the Fishermans are very busy at this time. Once this months are over the fishes are swim and get back to the sea, and they will return for the next year. This Fish has a lot of demand and its cost is also very high. While eating this Pulasa Fish it is very tasty and it has bones when we compared to normal Fish.

The Third largest breeding area for this Fish is Godavari river after the padma in Bangladesh and the Hooghly in West Bengal, where it is fabled as a hilsa. In Dowleswaram, Siddhantam, & Narasapuram they are the largest markets for Pulasa. The people will buy the fish by making the payment in advance.